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Since I was a child, I have known the value of a photograph. Photos encapsulate moments and memories and preserve them forever!  As a nine year old, I earned my first camera by saving bubble gum wrappers. It was a piece of junk but that is where my love for photography began.

Today, pretty much everyone carries their cellphone camera with them all the time. However, that doesn’t make them a photographer. True photography is so much more than pointing a camera and shooting.

A professional photographer understands light and composition, knows how to pose people and make them relax, waits for that perfect moment when true emotion is manifest in the subject’s face. A photograph tells a story and a picture really is “worth a thousand words.”

We began Danton Photography in November of 2007. From that day forward we have been a high integrity, all-inclusive, and affordable business. We will always treat you with warmth and respect. You can count on us to be straight-forward and honest.

We value all our clients! We take special pride in serving the needs of the LGBT community.  We have supported this community by photographing commitment ceremonies before same-sex weddings were legal. As members of this community, we fully understand and affirm gay and lesbian couples. We love to be part of making your weddings beautiful, touching, and memorable.  We will even help consult with you about your ceremony since many gay and lesbian couples want to create a unique and special ceremony, not follow the usual formula.  

While many photographers are now competing for your business, we encourage you to choose Danton Photography. We totally understand the family dynamics of gay and lesbian relationships and we incorporate that sensitivity into our photography.

My wife Kathy and I personally do all our photography and bring our artistic and creative touches to capturing the magic moments at your ceremony or portrait session.

Check out our galleries to see some of our work from the past 10 years.

Then call or email us to discuss your plans and get a personalized price quote. We do our best to work with any size budget!